4.1.5. Controller case multi-axis model

Multi-axis version of motor controller is 7U design containing up to 36 controllers boards. Every 4 boards combined together in 1 module. Device dimensions: 445 x 375 x 311 mm.

Front pannel divided by 9 parts with titles: "Module 1", "Module 2",...,"Module 9". Every such module contains indication signals "Power" and "Status" for every axis inside module and "External control" connector.

Back pannel contains 220 V connector, Ethernet socket, on/off power button and 4 positioner connectors for every module. Total quantity of position connectors is 36.

Every module can be plugged/unplugged during multi-axis system works. To unplug module it is needed to unscrew the screws with corrugated heads and pull the handle.

Schematic view of module

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