Synchronization connector

A single-axis or two-axis controller model may contain a synchronization and magnetic brake 9pin DSub female connector.

Pinout of the connector, front view.

1 - Magnetic brake output, axis 1, +24V.
2 - Synchronization input, axis 2, 3.3V logic.
3 - Synchronization input, axis 1, 3.3V logic.
4 - Unused.
5 - GND, ground pin.
6 - Magnetic brake output, axis 2, +24V.
7 - Synchronization output, axis 2, 3.3V logic.
8 - Synchronization output, axis 1, 3.3V logic.
9 - GND, ground pin.

Note. If the connector belongs to a single-axis model, then pins 2, 6, 7 are not used.

Note. In case magnetic brake control board is not connected, then pins 1 and 6 are not used.

Note. Unused pins of the internal connector do not require any additional connection or pullup/pulldown. Simply do not use them.

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