5.3.6. Synchronization settings

In the Application Settings Device configuration -> TTL sync

Synchronization settings window

Synchronization is described in details in TTL synchronization section.

Sync in
Clutter time - setting minimum synchronization pulse duration (in microseconds). Defines the minimum duration, which can be detected (anti-chatter).
Enabled - check this box for the sync in mode enable.
Invert - checked flag shows that the operation is triggered by the falling sync pulse edge.
Absolute position - if the flag is checked, upon sync pulse the stage moves into the absolute position specified in the field Step/Micro step. If the flag is unchecked, the shift is relative to the defined destination position.

Sync out
Enabled - if the flag is checked, the sync output functions according to the next settings. If the flag is unchecked, the output value is fixed and equal to the Fixed state.
Pulse width - specifies the duration of the output signal in milliseconds or steps/encoder pulses.
Fixed state - sets the logic level of output to 0 or 1, respectively.
Invert - if the flag is checked the zero logic level is set to active.
On start - synchronizing pulse is generated at the beginning of movement.
On stop - synchronizing pulse is generated at the end of movement.
Every - the pulse is generated every n encoder pulses.

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