Power supply connector at the board

A male 4-pin Mini-Fit connector with 4.2mm interval (type MF-4MRA) is mounted at the controller board for plugging in to power supply. Its comparable benefits are as following: high 8A current per pin, a fixation available, a possible coupling with both cable-mounted (type MF-4F, PN 39-01-2040 according to Molex catalogue) and board-mounted counterparts, including vertical (PN 15-24-7041 according to Molex catalogue). All Mini-Fit connectors are available in Molex catalogue at

Dimensions and numbers of the pins in PSC (Power Supply Connector), front view.

Pins functionality:
1 - "-" power electrode.
2 - 12–36V "+" power electrode.
3 - "-" power electrode.
4 - 12–36V "+" power electrode.

IMPORTANT. Never supply the power to the controller and do not plug it to power connector if you are not confident that your power supply parameters conform to the requirements. Never attempt to plug the power supply to the controller if you are not sure power supply unit and controller connectors are compatible! The acceptable connection parameters are described in Safety instructions.

IMPORTANT. Hot-swapping or unreliable connection of the power supply connector MF-4MRA may damage the PC and/or the controller. For more details please refer to Safety instructions.

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