Joystick connector

A single-axis or two-axis controller model may contain a 9pin DSub male joystick connector.

Pinout of the joystick connector, front view.

1 - BUT_R_1, right button input, axis 1.
2 - Joy_2, analog 0-3V joystick input, axis 2.
3 - GND, common ground.
4 - BUT_R_2, right button input, axis 2.
5 - GND, common ground.
6 - Joy_1, analog 0-3V joystick input, axis 1.
7 - 3.3V output.
8 - BUT_L_1, left button input, axis 1.
9 - BUT_L_2, left button input, axis 2.

Note. If the connector belongs to a single-axis model, then pins 2, 4, 9 are not used.

Note. Unused pins of the internal connector do not require any additional connection or pullup/pulldown. Simply do not use them.

IMPORTANT. Analog Joy, Pot inputs are designed to work with LESS THAN 3V voltage. Do not apply higher voltages, including 3.3V, to these inputs, as it can break all analog controller inputs and lead to the controller or motor failure.

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