5.4.2. XILab general settings

Program configuration in the Application Settings

XILab general settings tab

This tab configures the slider display settings, secondary position and XIMC devices detection. The position slider is in the main window and visually represents the stage current position relative to the borders. Configuration comes to setting of displayable borders and defining the slider bounds behavior upon exit out of displayed range.

Fragment of Main application window containing slider

Group Slider settings contains the following slider settings:

Left slider bound and Right slider bound contain the left and right bounds of the slider respectively.

Checked Load slider bounds from device loads the values of slider bounds equal to the values of borders set in the Motion range and limit switches into XILab, which are stored in the controller memory. The setting is used by default.

Checked Watch over ltimits defines such slider bounds behavior that upon moving out of the slider range, the scale shifts to display the current position. However, he total distance displayed on the slider remains unchanged. This option is not used by default. It is useful when you know the stage motion range, but do not know the relation of that position to the values displayed in XILab, e.g. for the calibration purposes. The option is often used together with the settings of the tab Home position settings.

Button Update borders records slider bounds coordinates from the Slider bounds configuration group into the controller RAM.

Position settings group contains the position display settings.

Checked Show secondary position displays the encoder position in the main application window.

Device detection settings group includes XIMC devices detection settings.

If Probe devices option is checked, at the start application tries to identify controllers by sending them commands GETI and GSER.

If Enumerate non-XIMC devices option is checked the application queries all COM-port type devices in the system. If the option is disabled, only devices with names matching the XIMC mask ("XIMC Motor Controller" in Windows; /dev/ximc/* and /dev/ttyACM* in Linux/Mac) are queried.

Warning. If both options Probe devices and Enumerate non-XIMC devices are enabled, while start XILab sends data to all COM-ports.
If the system has multiple Bluetooth COM-ports, due to the nature of Bluetooth operation, the interrogation will be conducted sequentially, and connection attempts may take from a few to tens of seconds each.

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