Data connector

A mini USB port is mounted at the controller board. It is intended for operating the controller using PC and for power supply in single-axis configuration. While developing the multiaxis systems, a backplane connector is used instead of mini USB port. The controller port supports a full-speed mode and USB 2.0 specification. Depending on the computer OS device driver installation may be required. For more details please refer to Overview and getting started and Software.

USB-to-mini-USB cable.

Type B mini-USB connector.

Table of mini USB output pins
Pin # Name Wire colour Description
1 VCC Red +5V DC
2 D- White Data -
3 D+ Green Data +
4 GND Black Ground

Warning. Use verified USB cables only! Damaged or low-quality USB cable may cause improper controller operation, including motor rotation errors and errors of device recognition by PC operating system. Short cables with thick wires and screening are ideal for sustainable connection.)

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