5.5.7. Accessories specifications

Stage configuration -> Accessories in the Application Settings

Accessories specifications window

This panel contains information about various accessories.

Magnetic brake - magnetic brake section.

Information - magnetic brake manufacturer and part number.

Rated voltage - nominal magnetic brake voltage.

Rated current - nominal magnetic brake current.

Torque - hold torque.

Available - indicates if magnetic brake is available.

Powered hold - magnetic brake is in hold mode on power on if this option is enabled.

Temperature sensor - temperature sensor section.

Information - temperature sensor manufacturer and part number.

Temp. range - measuered temperature range.

Temp. gradient - temperature gradient.

Type - sensor type (thermocouple or semiconductor).

Available - indicates if temperature sensor is available.

Limit switches - limit switches section.

SW1 available - indicates if SW1 limit switch is available.

SW2 available - indicates if SW2 limit switch is available.

SW1 low is active - indicates if SW1 limit switch active state is low.

SW2 low is active - indicates if SW2 limit switch active state is low.

Limit switches shorted - if enabled, then limit switches are shorted.

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